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What does Spark Wallet do?

Spark Wallet is a community driven project that is run by developers and designers of Lumasoft, LLC focused on the mass adaption of Bitcoin through Bitcoin Lightning protocol. Spark Wallet allows a safe, secure and easy to use app for non-technical users to get started with Bitcoin. Reach out to us if are experiencing issues or if you have suggestions you'd like to see in the upcoming release.


Shop with Cash or Bitcoin in over 500+ locations across the USA.

We support cash payments!

Get up to $1,000 instantly with Strike! Strike offers the easiest way to deposit money. Skip all the fees and get instant deposits.

Spark Wallet integrates Strike and other wallets seamlessly within our app so you can use our services with the wallet of your choice.

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Send & Receive payments anywhere in the world.

Sending & Receiving Bitcoin is now instant, free, and as easy as sending an email. Get started by choosing your

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Buy and sell bitcoin

Buy your first bitcoin with 0 fees and sell your sats to a debit card or bank account

Amounts shown are based on publicly available fee schedules and/or trades on Strike, CashApp, Venmo, and Coinbase as of 08/26/22, and are subject to change at any time.

Already have Bitcoin? You can use all Spark Wallet services with the wallet of your choice!

Want to work with us?

Spark Wallet gift cards and other services can be completly whitelisted and labled toward your app or website. Offering the fastest and easiest way to get your lightning services up and running!

Create custom paywall pages, share link to receive payment, set amount or allow custom tips, and accept payments in bitcoin in less than a minute.

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With the recent news on the crypto markets, we would like to share how Spark Wallet protects your assets.

Spark Wallet does not use customer assets without their permission. Customers can withdraw funds from Spark Wallet at any time, meaning 24x7 for all deposits and withdrawals. Spark Wallet is not an exchange. We are working with several licensed exchanges that use daily settlement processes and Spark Wallet does not hold any balances on exchanges.

We appreciate your continued trust in Spark Wallet as we maintain our customer-centric approach to all of our services and the bitcoin community.