Spend less, Earn more, It's that Simple!

Spend with Cash or Lightning and earn some sweet rewards, made so simple even your grandma can use it.


We allow everyone (yes you! and your grandma) to earn Rewards back on our exclusive app.

Bitcoin & Lightning Wallet πŸ‘‡

Get 5% Back on Bitcoin Purchases at 488+ Locations in the USA

Make your purchases in Bitcoin and get 5% BACK! You can shop with either Cash or Bitcoin at over 488+ locations across the USA.

Introducing Bitcoin integration with Apple and Google Wallet!

- Our lightning wallet is the first to fully integrate with both Apple and Google Wallet

- Stay informed with notifications and monitor your balance

- Conveniently access your Bitcoin and payments even without an internet connection

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Spark Wallet Features

  • - Full LN Wallet services + Cash.
  • - Your own custom lightning address and support for LNURL.
  • - Cheap and fast transactions for all your needs.
  • - Free Bitcoin (rewarded in sats) back for using Lightning payments.
  • - Custom Tip me pages and Pay me Pages!
  • - NFC passes (Google & Apple wallet) with loyalty programs
  • - Offline support to access Bitcoin without a internet connection

Do you already have a Bitcoin Lightning wallet?

We support funding and paying with 5+ Bitcoin Lightning wallets:

- Strike

- Wallet of Satoshi

- BlueWallet

- Zebeedee

- Munn Wallet

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CASH Wallet & New Features πŸ‘‡

We support cash payments!

In addition to Bitcoin payments, we also accept cash! You can easily deposit money to Spark Cash from your bank account using Plaid, which provides a secure connection. Please note that it may take 3-5 days for the deposited funds to become available in your Spark Cash account.

Swap any alt-coin to Bitcoin Lightning!

Swap any crypto currency supported to Bitcoin Lightning or swap your Bitcoin Lighting to any supported crypto.

Win free digital and physical goods!

LN Contests is an online platform to enter into contests for a small fee to win a huge prize!

Want to work with us?

Are you interested in partnering with Spark Wallet? Our gift cards and other services can be completely whitelisted and labeled for use on your app or website, providing the fastest and easiest way to get your lightning services up and running.

Our platform allows you to create custom paywall pages, share links to receive payment, set payment amounts or allow custom tips, and accept Bitcoin payments in under a minute.

If you would like to integrate with one of our services, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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