The First Bitcoin Lightning Wallet that earns Rewards

A Bitcoin Lightning wallet with the power to Send, Receive and Earn Bitcoin!

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*Use Spark Wallet with confidence as it runs on the same node architecture as Wallet of Satoshi.

Get paid in Bitcoin with Wallet and Google Pay.

Sending, receiving, and earning Bitcoin has never been this easy!

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Shop & Pay

Shop with Bitcoin in over 500+ locations across the US & Canda.

Send and Receive

Send and Receive Bitcoin from friends and family instantly. Create customizable Pay Me pages to receive payments from your customers eliminating fees, fraud, and chargebacks.

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Spark Wallet Features

Shop & Pay

Shop with Bitcoin in over 345+ locations across the US & Canda.

Personalized Bitcoin Payment Pages

Create custom paywall pages, Share link to receive payment, Set amount or allow custom tips, Accept payments in bitcoin in less than a minute

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Earn Sats!

Start stacking sats by earning 5,000 sats everytime you share the app with a friend!

Supports the latest Lightning protocol

Send and Receive payments using Lightning protocol, Supports Pay & Withdraw using LNURL, Guided approach for novice users

What you can do with Spark Wallet

Easiest wallet for using the bitcoin lightning network. Earn free bitcoin when sharing this app with your friends!

Lightning Wallet

Cheap and fast transaction for all your needs

Shop With Bitcoin

Earn sats back when purchasing gift cards

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Support for LNURL

Support for the LNurl protocol with LNurl-pay and LNurl-withdraw

Lightning Address

Send and receive money with simple address

Apple & Google

Receive payments directly from Apple & Google wallet

Receive Tips

Accept bitcoin/lightning tips for your services


Get notified of all transactions you are receiving

Custom Paywalls

Create paywalls for accepting bitcoin/lightning payments

Spark Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet with the power to send, receive, and earn bitcoin utilizing the lightning network!

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